We are serious collectors offloading additional stuff from our collections. 99% items are NEW & ONLY 'SINGLE' piece, Limited editions/Rare/Out of production.



We are launching our online business/Information website for Toys and Collectibles in Singapore followed by the International market in Asia Pacific.

Besides the usual sales of Toys and Collectibles, We would want to establish a stronger toys (hobbies) collecting culture, reselling and trading market in Singapore.(just like in Japan) But instead of brick and mortar shop, we would do it online to create the awareness and interest on our collecting communities (just like Mandarake of Japan). Though there are numerous Toys and Collectibles enterprises in the regions (mortar and online), these are mainly trading and focuses on new releases. Resellers of rare and limited edition toys are limited to handful of small scale individual in Facebook, Carousel, eBay, Amazon...

Following are our main business objectives and focuses through this website.

  1. As a reseller to start off. We have about thousand and more items in our collections of limited editions, rare toys and collectibles (new, retro and vintage)  We would love to and will be sharing information with interested collectors on our collectibles especially on the rare and limited editions (not for sale yet)
  2. Sharing of Toys and Collectibles Information in the World (mainly Japan, Hong Kong, USA) - Blogs and write up. Our Toys hunting experiences in the regions and discussion of collectibles availability hotspots in individual Asia Pacific countries.
  3. Working to establishes a trustworthy and resonate reseller market by:
  • Healthy Buying and selling environment,
  • Price guides & references,
  • A solid 2nd hand/resell platform

With all the above objectives and our focus, eventually we hope to establish a fun and healthy 2nd hand/Reseller environment for Toys, Collectibles and Hobbies for all liked- minded individual. It will definitely enhance the beliefs of collectors in their efforts on collecting (more) and market values of their possessed prizes. When such markets and environments are created (just like in Japan), the trading(buying) of Toys and Collectibles will again be refurnished in the Singapore Toys Industry.